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  • Grease Traps / Commercial
    Clare Drains grease trap

Grease Traps are devices used to intercept fats, oils and grease (FOG) before it enters a wastewater treatment plant.

Grease Traps are used in Restaurants, Hotels, and Cafes or anywhere food is being prepared. Local Authorities have become more stringent with the Food Industry and the control of grease as it can have a severe effect on the pipe network in communities. Grease Traps need to be emptied on a regular basis in order for a grease trap to run smoothly. Our drain cleaning company will empty grease traps and transport the grease to a treatment plant where the grease will be broken down further. We make sure that the grease is disposed of according to the EPA Guidelines and provide our client with a receipt along with our waste collection permit number. We can also provide a contract with our client to ensure the grease trap is maintained and the lines are cleaned regularly.

Service Provided:

  • Empty Grease Trap
  • Provide Dosing System
  • Jet Lines
  • Maintenance Contract
  • Regular Testing

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