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Pre-Purchase Survey

Purchasing a new house is an overwhelming experience in general, but why not take a step back and let our drain cleaning company in limerick do the work to ensure the drains underneath are fully functioning.

A pre-purchase survey is becoming a must in the purchase of a new house.  Drains are underground and can cause a lot of unwanted problems.  These problems can be shown up by having a pre-purchase survey done.  We will come onsite and clean the drains prior to the surveying and then we will survey all the lines.  After the lines have been CCTV Surveyed we will put together a comprehensive report detailing the condition of the drains and pipes.

This can be a vital piece of information to have before going through with the sale.  There could be broken pipes under the ground, massive roots running through the pipes or pipes could be collapsed.  A pre-purchase CCTV Survey can save you the hassle of realising there are problems after the sale has gone through.  If you would like to hear more about our pre-purchase survey package give our drain cleaning company in limerick a call on 065-6825437 or e-mail us on