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Grease Trap Maintenance

Why not start the New Year off right by having a grease trap maintenance contract in place.  The first thing our drain cleaning company in Limerick will do is a site visit to inspect the existing grease trap to assess the needs it will have during the year.

After inspecting the grease trap we will inform you as to how many times a year the grease trap will need to be emptied and cleaned.  Some grease traps need to be emptied monthly and some may need quarterly servicing.  Depending on what you need we will give you a schedule for the emptying of the grease trap.  We will also provide you with a disposal cert on the day of the emptying outlining the time and date it was serviced, who your driver was and where the final destintation of your grease is.

If you would like to talk about your grease trap to see what your options are please give our drain cleaning company in Limerick, Ennis and Galway a call on 065-6825437.

Our waste collection permit number is NWCPO-13-11231-01.