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  • Drain Rehabilitation & Testing / Residential

A CCTV pipe Survey is completed to assess the condition of drainage pipes. Where problems have been highlighted, there are a number of options available to fix pipes without a great deal of disruption to the client.

Patch Repairs

Drain Patch Repairs are done on pipes that have cracks or fractures due to subsidence, badly laid pipes, roots or other such problems. This can be a common problem for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. We can repair the damage to the pipe without digging and disruption.

A drain patch is a fabric segment, which is impregnated with epoxy resin. This is fed into the pipe until it reaches the damaged section, where it is then inflated and held in place until it sets. A CCTV camera is then placed down the pipe to ensure the segment has set in place.

Relining of Pipes

Relining is the process of repairing a drain, sewer or pipe work by constructing a new pipe within the existing one using no-dig or trenchless techniques. This is the most efficient and cost effective way of repairing a drain.

Lateral Cutting

Following a CCTV Survey if obstructions are found in the pipe line these can be removed using robotic cutters. This is a useful service, which does not cause undue disruption to a client. This process can also be used to cut openings for lateral connections after relining.

Pressure Testing 

Pressure tests are carried out on pipe networks to ensure they are in good working order. These tests can be a requirement of licensed facilities under the EPA or Local Authorities. The testing can be completed by a hydrostatic test or an air test.


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