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plant shutdown

What is a Scheduled Plant Shut-Down?

A scheduled shutdown in a plant is a strategic pause in operations, typically for essential maintenance, safety checks, and system upgrades. The shut down period […]

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Asset Decommissioning - Internal view

Asset Decommissioning – the hazardous risks involved

Decommissioning a site in Ireland, or anywhere else, is a multifaceted process that involves careful consideration of various factors. There are numerous hazardous risks involved. […]

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Case Study – Decommissioning Fishing Vessels

CD Environmental completed a 10-month fishing vessel decommissioning project in partnership with UMR, who worked with vessel owners and Bord Iascaigh Mhara. UMR Group are […]

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Hydrostatic Testing

What is Hydrostatic Testing?

How can we help? Let’s talk about Hydrostatic Testing. In high-risk industries, ensuring that the system and equipment operate safely and reliably is a major […]

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King John Castle Limerick

Jet Vac Hidden Treasures

We know from previous posts that we have a few history buffs out there – well you are going to like this one! The hidden […]

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Reservoir Blocked Pipes – cleaning with remote access equipment

Did you ever hear of Zebra Mussels and what do they have to do with Blocked Pipes? The zebra mussel is a small freshwater mussel. […]

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Construction site spill response

How to create an effective Spill Response Plan

How prepared are you? The dangers of spills on construction sites can have drastic consequences to people and the environment. A clean-up operation can cost […]

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Flying over running water in sewers, looking for cracks, and potential pipe obstruction, with the pilot standing on the ground

CCTV Surveys – a way to make your life easy – or just easier?

If you are a construction professional in Ireland, you need to know about CCTV surveys. CCTV surveys are a process for examining the condition of […]

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A Stitch in Time saves Nine

What does this have to do with Tank Cleaning ? Let’s start with understanding tanks? What is a Tank? A storage tank is any container, […]

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Off Road & Remote Access Capabilities

Apart from our fleet of JetVacs, CD Environmental also have a range of Off-Road equipment including Crawlers and 4WD Pick-Up trucks to allow access to […]

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