Suction Excavation


CD Environmental clients enjoy the benefits of this sophisticated method of excavation as the safest way to carry out work around power cables gas, electric, water, telecoms, fibre-optics and other utilities. Unlike manual hand-digging, there is no risk to the utility and the safety of the operator is safe-guarded. We recommend this method for all roadworks, and for the installation of utility lines – as well as when repairing or replacing buried assets.

Suction Excavation brings many important benefits to your excavation process:

Versatile – Suction Excavators can be used for sucking up dry materials, such as earth, gravel, sand and stones, as well as for water and mud.
Space-saving – with this method, all material that has been excavated is held in the vehicle and not deposited on the side of the trench. Vital when it comes to confined spaces.
Better control – the excavation process can be finely controlled, while minimising the volume of material removed. This means less impact on the environment and lower reinstatement costs.
Speed and flexibility – Suction Excavation is recommended when working in busy or high-profile areas.
Easy access – the excavator has a telescopic reach so it can get into constricted areas that might be inaccessible using traditional excavation methods.
Optimum safety –minimised disruption, reduced reinstatement requirements and improved safety that vacuum excavation offers.



Pharmaceutical, Food and Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality & Local Authorities

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