Treatment Plant Maintenance


If you are a business with an on-site sewage treatment system, you’ll know the importance of maintaining and servicing it. By doing so, you can prevent groundwater and waterways from becoming contaminated – and in turn stop the spread of bacteria, disease and infection. To give you this vital protection, we offer full inspections, servicing and repairs of your treatment plant system. Maintenance contracts and full certification are also provided.

The services we provide include:

  • Provision of Trained Operators
  • Provision of Waste Collection docket
  • Details as to when the tank/plant was emptied
  • Information on where the waste is transported for further treatment
  • Provision of Contract Maintenance with client

Pump Station Cleaning

A pump station is the holding tank that is positioned at the end of a gravity-flow sewer system. When solid material, silt or fat enters the pump station, it can cause a build-up to develop in different parts of the system, including the well bottom, while pump impellers can also be damaged. Regular cleaning is therefore necessary to remove solid material from the lift station and ensure smooth operation.

Our highly-specialised teams will carry out every facet of cleaning and maintenance of large pumping stations, wet wells, sumps and septic tanks.
We provide a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement for each project – providing full details of equipment to be used, the programme of work and the qualifications of the team members involved.

All specialist team members are trained in Confined Space Entry as well as Gas Monitoring and Full BA Rescue – and adhere fully to method statements and permit-to-work applications.


Pharmaceutical, Food and Manufacturing & Local Authorities