Pipe and Bund Testing/Repairs


Compliance and Cost-Savings

Within certain industries – such as pharmaceutical – pipe and bund testing is required in order to maintain professional licences. Testing can also be done on main sewers, pump stations and manholes.

Professional bund maintenance and testing can mean substantial savings for your business over time. Left untested and maintained, a leaking bund can cause a spillage – disrupting your work site and presenting your business with a large financial burden. It can also lead to a lengthy clean-up process and the need for extensive disposal – while tighter licence conditions may also be imposed on your company.

All Pipe and Bund Testing carried out by CD Environmental is enforced by the EPA/Local Authorities. We offer a complete and comprehensive testing service – from cleaning, to testing and ensuring your customer licence is compliant. Where necessary, we work together with chartered engineers.

Our testing service adheres to EN1610 – which covers the construction and related testing of drains and sewers that are buried in the ground and/or operate under pressure.
We use a hydrostatic test to test pipes and bunds for strengths and weaknesses. This involves filling the vessel to be tested with water and then leaving it for a period of time. We can then ascertain if there is a change in water level. Testing ‘live’ in this way substantially minimises downtime for your company.
We can also provide air or vacuum tests – a safety-conscious way of completing pipe and bund testing in an explosive area.
We have the most up-to-date software available along with trained engineers and will provide you with a comprehensive report on the integrity of your pipes and bunds once testing is complete.

Our testing service includes:

Reports given to WRC standard, using WinCan VX software
Pipe Tracing
Manhole Surveys
GPS Mapping
Pipe Inspections with Drain Camera from 25mm to large culverts
Bund & Pipe Testing

Pipe and Bund Repairs

Sewer problems can include radial and longitudinal cracking, collapsed pipes, root infestation and joint displacement. Where problems have been highlighted, we offer several options in order to fix pipes while minimising disruption and loss of time to your business:

Patch Repairs
Relining of Pipes
Lateral Cutting
Top-Hat Repairs


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