CCTV Drainage Surveys


Best Practice Technology for You

We use CCTV Surveys to obtain an accurate assessment of the condition of your pipe network. We detect any structural issues, root ingress, cracked or collapsed pipes and understand the precise cause and location of the problem, before commencing any work. To protect your business from expensive downtime, we can survey live pipes and systems.
We carry out inspections on pipes from 15mm to large culverts, with the camera placed in the line and controlled remotely by a trained operator. The camera has a 360-degree swivel head with a high-resolution picture. The operator views the footage on a screen close by, assesses the pipe, then compiles a report that gives you a precise analysis of your pipes and network.

WinCan Reporting

We use the most advanced capability in data analysis and reporting to deliver pipe inspection findings. WinCan is the industry’s most preferred and used sewer inspection software, with more than 8 500 licenses worldwide. The software allows us to collect all pipe inspection data, organise it into a coherent database, and generate reports that graphically display the pipe and where the defects lie. It is THE preferred way to translate information into action.
We also use GPS and GIS mapping technology as part of WinCan reporting – to produce an accurate and comprehensive CCTV Survey.

Additional Surveying Services

To complement our CCTV drainage services, we offer a range of specialist options – including customised surveying and drone surveys using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).
In addition, we have a Panoramo Manhole Scanner which allows us to take high-res 360-degree photographs and create 3D point clouds of manhole chambers. This means we can survey an area of confined space in half the time of manual surveying – making exploratory work safer and more efficient.
We also provide QIS Mapping and create Repair Reports based on information generated from surveys.


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