Grease Trap Maintenance


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For many businesses – particularly restaurants, hotels and cafes, where food is prepared – grease traps are key devices. They play an essential role in intercepting fats, oils and grease (FOG) before they enter a wastewater treatment plant. As a business operating in this sector, you will need to comply with the stringent regulations of Local Authorities, which safeguard against fats and oils entering and damaging local pipe networks.

To be compliant with regulations, you will need to ensure your grease trap is emptied on a regular basis. This makes sure that the trap is working efficiently – for the protection and smooth-running of your operation.

We empty all grease traps and transport the grease to a waste licensed facility, where the substance can be further broken down. We then make sure that it is disposed of according to the EPA Guidelines – and provide you with a receipt along with our waste collection permit number. We photograph all work done and report back to you, while keeping a full report of all inspections on record.

For your convenience, you can also arrange a contract with us – ensuring that your trap is maintained on a regular basis, and that the lines are regularly cleaned.

Our service can include:

Emptying of Grease Traps
Cleaning of Lines in and out of Grease Traps
A convenient Maintenance Contract
Before and After photographs


Pharmaceutical, Food and Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality & Local Authorities

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