CD Environmental offers an industrial cleaning service across a vast range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and oil storage facilities.

State-of-the-art Sanitation with ECO-MIST

CD Environmental is proud to offer is clients the benefit of the world’s most powerful non-toxic sanitiser – ECO-MIST from Biotechnics. Specifically developed to eradicate some of the world’s most dangerous pathogens, ECO-MIST is a highly sophisticated, HSE-approved infection control system which has provided an efficient response to the challenges of coronavirus and COVID-19. Applied using a unique ‘dry’ misting technology, ECO-MIST is a broad spectrum, non-toxic biocide that is effective to log 6 levels and kill 99.9999% of pathogens in less than 30 seconds – including bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, spores, mould, yeast and prions. We use the system to sanitise aeroplanes, commercial buildings and public spaces such as courthouses. We have up-skilled and trained all team members to use the system – allowing us to offer our clients the highest level of protection that is also safe and low-cost.

Expert and Exact

As with many of our services, the success of industrial cleaning lies in pre-planning and investing time upfront to develop the correct methodologies – often unique to each situation. We offer standard industrial cleaning services – but also manage totally unique projects for clients, where there may not be a method or established process and one needs to be developed. In these circumstances we research possible methods, conduct trials, produce samples, predict results and outcomes – and then support our proposals in the form of a report along with any anticipated environmental implications and costs.

We will ensure each project is managed and supervised properly, and that compliance with a safe working code of practice is always a priority and strictly adhered to.

Flexible to Suit

We can provide cleaning services within live manufacturing environments – without interrupting your production process. Alternatively, we can work at a time when you are off-line.

High-Pressure Cleaning

We offer a full range of high-pressure cleaning services:

Bund Cleaning
Pipe Arbour Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Stainless Steel Polishing
Galvanized Polishing
Industrial Cladding Cleaning
Power Washing of Footpaths, Driveways etc.

All our operatives are trained in manual handling, working at heights and MEWP.


Pharmaceutical, Food and Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality & Local Authorities